High Performance Polyurethane

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Major Characteristics


Interfareba distributes in Spain and Portugal the polyurethane products manufactured by Notedome. The company’s high-performance and top-quality products have been marketed worldwide (45 countries) from the UK since its foundation over thirty years ago.

The continuous research process carried out in Notedome’s laboratories allows the company to offer the widest range of polyurethanes whose components are adapted to the performance criteria required by our clients. This diversity is combined with a flexible production process allowing small or large scale production runs at very competitive prices.

Polyurethane has almost infinite applications in the various fields of industry, offers a wide range of degrees of hardness, excellent mechanical properties and a high level of environmental and chemical inertia.

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Properties of Notedome Polyurethane:

  • Hardness
  • Resistance to wear and tear and cuts.
  • High mechanical performance
  • High level of chemical inertness (combustibles, oils, fats, solvents)
  • Resilience (elasticity)
  • Environmental inertness (ozone, oxygen, water, weathering)
  • Resistance to flexing
  • Resistance to heat (-30º to 120º)

Some examples of applications :

  • Skate wheels
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Belt scrapers
  • Wheel rims

- There is some very interesting material on applications in the PDF file: "Introduction to the world of polyurethane".  For technical information, see the PDF file: "Summary and technical information ".


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