Resin system : Acrylic One

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Major Characteristics

Reproduction material. This is an water-based, solvent-free acrylic resin whose most valued property is its capacity to achieve any final real product form with an incredibly natural appearance. It is ideal for imitation stone, concrete or wood. The many finishes offered include metal, bronze and steel effects as well as many kinds of polished finishes. Of course, any standard acrylic based paint can be used to achieve the desired colour.

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Acrylic One is environmentally friendly. The accessories can be easily cleaned using water. Despite its lightness it is hard and durable: it’s outdoor life is 40 years. It is very useful in places where heavier materials cannot be employed, and just a few millimetres thickness of material can simulate stone, marble or metal. In the event of fire, Acrylic One does not produce smoke or drops and meets European regulation as EN 13501-1 CLASS B S1 D0 .

Acrylic One Banding Video. Clic for View

Specific application and some examples:

  • Indoor and outdoor panels
  • Interior decoration
  • Sculptures
  • Decorations

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General information: General Information Acrylic one.PDF Download in Adobe Reader format
General catalogue: Safety DataSheet Liquid.PDF Download in Adobe Reader format
General catalogue: Safety DataSheet Powder.PDF Download in Adobe Reader format