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Intefareba Sede Barcelona

Interfareba is a company specialising in the distribution of exclusive chemical products and high-quality materials for mould manufacture. These include Silicones and Polyurethanes for moulds as well as Acrylic Polymer for final products.

Our client-oriented approach means we are not merely salesmen, but also consultants for those requiring great precision when reproducing models. Our team of specialists always provides the right solution to our clients’ needs. Direct daily contact with our manufacturers and partners together with over 30 years’ experience in the sector make us the best specialists you will find.
We have clients in all kinds of fields: sculpture, architecture, decoration, engineering, industrial design, scenic arts, scenography and an endless list of professionals and sectors. And no two are identical nor have the same needs. Interfareba provides solutions to all of them.

Your imagination is the only limit!

Interfareba works in Spain and Portugal. Sales services are provided from the head office in the heart of Barcelona and a logistics platform within the metropolitan area.

¿What makes us different? We distribute leading products and we are specialists.